Wait For A Man Who Complements Your Life — Not Complicates It

Photo: WeHeartIt

Don’t settle.

I’ve been in plenty of relationships that I had no business being in, i.e. dating a guy for three months who didn’t have a car.

Blame it on empathy or my obsessive need to always find the silver lining, but I can talk myself into being with just about anyone. 


For awhile, I didn’t see the harm in this. Relationships were fun and exciting. Plus, everybody else was doing it. 

What I failed to realize was that those relationships weren’t good for me. Sure, I doing some things for myself, but there was still too much focus on this other person — and they didn't even deserve it. 

I missed out on parties and trips and experiences. I stopped chasing hobbies and tolerated a strained relationship with my mother. Sometimes I’d even be gone from my apartment for weeks because my S.O. preferred to sleep in his bed. 

My world was a never ending cycle of last-minute and chaos.

I was always two steps behind, and I never had time to brush my hair. For a good part of my adult life, I always felt like I was coming up short, and I couldn't understand why. 

Until I realized how much time I was spending on some dumb motherfucker. 


Sorry for the abrupt cursing, but thinking about all the time I wasted worrying about a relationship that wasn’t even that great kind of makes me sick to my stomach. 

Life is so unbelievably short, and you never know how much you have left.

Relationships are only worth it if they’re with someone who’s worth it.

Someone who fits into your world, or at least makes an effort to. Someone who you don’t feel like you have to force or fight for. Someone who just one day was there, and never left. 

Don’t let the temporary lonely moments of single life scare you into being with someone just for the sake of being with someone.


Stay strong and focus on making your own life. Trust that you’ll one day find someone to share it with. 

If the person you’re with is doing nothing but making your life harder — without making any effort to change or help — then cut them lose. Don’t waste another second with someone who doesn’t want the best for you. 

You have to fight for your life. You have to own it.

And above all else, you have to make sure that no one takes away your power.