We're SO Jealous Of This Couple Getting Engaged On The "Friends" Set

Photo: YouTube
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The video is totally awwwwww!

One of my all time favorite go-to-when-I’m-down shows is Friends. As a teen, when I watched the show as it aired on TV, I always imagined I’d have an apartment like Monica’s and a group of friends I’d hang out with all day in a coffee shop. It never occurred to me just how I’d make that happen. 

Monica’s apartment was HUGE, and I know she was subletting it from her Grandma; it was rent-controlled, yada, yada. But according to PEOPLE, a two-bedroom, one bathroom apartment in the West Village would cost a whopping $5,100 a month. That’s a lot of cash to throw down. And considering Rachel was a little flakey with her career in the beginning, it’s just one of those things we have to accept as reality, kind of. 

Despite the fact the sitcom barely showed scenes of them at work, full-time, doing, you know, work stuff, it all seemed to make sense that they were allowed to just hang out on the comfy couch at Central Perk.

The show was funny and relatable enough that we just ignored the discrepancies, and that’s fine with me. But alas, I never wound up with my awesome Manhattan apartment above an even more amazing coffee house. 

Though, if you happen to be in England, Comedy Central has created a Friends Fest tour, where you can traipse about the Friends set and pretend you’re one of the characters, if that’s your thing. For one couple, this was the perfect opportunity to make the tour something to really remember. 

While in Monica’s apartment, Kunal Desai bent his knee and proposed to his girlfriend, Radha Patel. Can you imagine getting proposed to on the replica set of FRIENDS? Of course, she said YES! Could this proposal BE any more romantic? I KNOW!