5 Things You Need To Know About Anthony Weiner's WORST Scandal Yet

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anthony weiner sexting scandal

Anthony Weiner needs to just STOP with the sexting.

Oh, Anthony Weiner! How we loathe, thee. Let us count the ways! If you haven’t heard yet, Anthony Weiner is up (see what I did there?) and at it again, sexting women OTHER than his wife, who is currently campaigning with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
Who the hell is Anthony Weiner? He's a former U.S. representative who resigned from Congress in 2011 due to … wait for it … a sexting scandal! Apparently, the dude didn’t really understand how Twitter works and posted sexually explicit photos of himself. He denied it, of course, but eventually held a press conference apologizing for his behavior and admitting to inappropriate exchanges with SIX women over the course of three years.
But wait! There’s more! It didn’t end there; in 2013, while Weiner returned to the public eye to for mayor of New York City, he used an alias to sext with a 22 year-old woman. Maybe you remember Carlos Danger? Seriously, who picked that name? He’s got issues, clearly. The 22 year-old, Sydney Leathers, had her 15 minutes of fame due to Weiner’s indiscretion. Thankfully, THAT's over!
So what about his wife? Oh, you mean Huma Abedin? She’s been MORE than patient with this dumbass. She stood by him, literally and figuratively, when he came out of the Carlos Danger closet and announced he has problems. They were “working on it,” he said. Well, it seems they need more work.
Mr. Anthony Weiner, here’s some reasons you need to just drop your phone into the ocean and start spending some quality, non-erection related time with your family. We suggest trying to rebuild your relationship with your wife, if possible. Your son deserves that much.

Huma Abedin is FINALLY leaving Anthony Weiner.
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BREAKING: Huma Abedin has announced she will be separating from Anthony Weiner after his latest sexting scandal. As sad as this is, Weiner did this to himself. He lacked the self control needed to keep his family together and his peen in his pants! I guess Huma had enough of the lies and promises.

He recently began sexting a MAN! Of course, he thought it was a girl; joke is on HIM!
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A college aged "girl" named Nikki exchanged DMs with Weiner back in July, where he tried pushing for a meet up while he was in LA. Nikki turned out to be a guy who was just trying to have some fun! But before Weiner knew the truth, he continually used his "charm" to get Nikki to meet him, even as far as inviting her to his hotel room!

Because when you need to create an alias to use online, you're doing marriage wrong.
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In 2013, Anthony Weiner used an alias, Carlos Danger, to speak to women on the internet. Unfortunately for him, women were more interested in outing him than actually DOING him. Sadly, Huma stayed by his side throughout the embarrassing ordeal only to be cheated on AGAIN this time around.

Weiner's FOUR year old son was included in a SEXT.
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A beautiful family is now broken because Anthony couldn't keep his phone set to silent. He could have had it all, but he had to keep his Weiner in the spotlight. The WORST part of this latest scandal is that in one of the pictures he sent out, his 4-year-old son was visible. Not only is this humiliating for Huma Abedin, but now this child will forever be on the internet laying next to his father who has a huge, obvious boner. 

Because even though his Twitter is deleted, we know he's sneaky enough to find a new way to be sleazy.
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Finally, Anthony Weiner has deleted his Twitter account. It only took several scandals, humiliation, and a possible divorce for him to do so. But, if we know Weiner like we think we do, he'll be back. Or maybe Carlos Danger will. Time will tell. Either way, this last scandal is the cherry on the cake. Game over, Mr. Weiner.