Girls Pretended To Be Preggo To Sneak Snack-Filled MELONS Into Movie


This is some revolutionary, sneaky sh*t, y'all.

If you've never snuck a bag of chips or a box of candy into a movie theater, you haven't truly lived. You haven't felt the nerves and fear at being found out, nor have you tasted the sweet victory of when watching a movie, munching on a bag of chips you got for 99 cents as opposed to everyone else who has their hearts heavy with a box of $10 nachos.

But when it comes to movie theater crime and trickery, you are yet to beat these four friends.

College students Priscilla Banuelos, Alyssa Lopez, Angie Silveira, and Amador Costa posed as four pregnant women while hiding the truth in their bellies... they snuck in watermelons!

Banuelos posted photos of the event on Twitter, saying, "We had to."

The four women hollowed out half of a whole watermelon and filled it in with snacks. They then covered it with plastic wrap and duct taped the watermelon halves to their stomachs.

Talk about legendary! The tweet went viral that even Buzzfeed reported on it

Of course, with anything silly and outright ridiculous, the Twittersphere was delighted. Check out these tweets in response to it.

All images: Cosmopolitan 

And obviously, along with the praise, there were a few haters  some understandably, though. This theater employee was not amused.

Photo: Twitter

But Banuelos told Buzzfeed that there weren't any trash cans in the theatre for them to dispose of the watermelon shells.

"I wasn't about to walk out with a huge watermelon," she said. 

Banuelos says that the prank was inspired by her favorite makeup artist Bretman Rock. Since she and her friends were separating in the fall, the watermelon prank was a hilarious and delicious way to make fun memories. 

These four women's prank leaves us with a life lesson that we should always remember: Take risks! Who knows? You might leave a lasting impression.