5 Tricks To FINALLY Lose Those Love Handles Once And For All

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5 Tricks To Lose Those Love Handles Once And For All

Byeeeeee muffin top!

By Michele Foley

There are certain spots where fat likes to hang around. For some, extra padding accumulates in the torso, resulting in a layer of softness above the waistline commonly referred to as the muffin top. Keep reading to find out how to help yours disappear.

1. Start indoor cycling.


Or running, or circuit training, or jumping rope — anything that increases your heart rate. Aerobic activity helps decrease your overall percentage of body fat, which helps slim down your torso.

2. Be one with intervals.

Sadly, doing plain-old cardio may not be enough. Interval training is proven to target belly fat, making it an excellent way to trim a pesky muffin top. Some examples of intervals are sprinting the straights and walking the curves on a track, or when you're in the pool, alternate between fast racing laps and slower-paced laps.

But perhaps the best way to maximize the benefits of interval training and the afterburn effect is to combine cardio with strength training. These Tabata workouts are sure to get you on your way!

3. Tone up.


Although strength training won't work to spot-reduce specific areas of your body, when combined with cardio, back exercises will help tone your midsection, resulting in a slimmer and leaner you. Here are some moves you can add to your routine:

4. Don't get frustrated — get blue.

Blueberries, that is. These sweet little gems are not only beneficial to your immune system, but are also proven to help diminish fat around your midsection. Enjoy them on their own, mix them with yogurt, or make a batch of this refreshing flat-belly blueberry smoothie.

5. Beware of the nasty T.

Be a strict label reader, and avoid trans fat. It not only increases your risk of heart disease, but also, you guessed it — trans fat increases fat around the midsection, say numerous studies.

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.