Never Make Permanent Decisions On Temporary Emotions

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Love, Heartbreak

Like, chill.

The heat of the moment is a dangerous one. 

No matter how many years of logic and common sense you have under your belt, better judgment has the tendency to fly out the window when emotions are running high. Especially when it comes to relationships. 

People make mistakes, say things they don’t mean (and sometimes can’t take back), and breakup over disagreements that could have easily been fixed. 

Fighting in a relationship is normal and unavoidable, sure, but you can take it too far if you’re not careful.

Communication can get clouded, and you could forget what you started fighting about in the first place.

Feelings could get hurt, and you start calling each other names. In other words, shit can hit the fan — real fast. 


Personally, I avoid confrontation like the plague (which isn’t necessarily better), but I’ve been in my fair share of ridiculous arguments. The kind where you wake up the next morning in a cloud of regret thinking: “What the eff just happened?” 

Those kinds of arguments are preventable if you make a pack with your S.O. to walk away when things get heated. 

The moment voices begin to raise, and you can literally feel your blood boiling, stop.

Realize that you are not in your right mind when you’re emotional and take some time to breathe. 

Fights can be productive rather than destructive. Arguing all night over mixed messages and bad communication are not worth ending a relationship.


Unless you’re in a situation that’s toxic, take time to make a decision about calling it quits instead of just shouting it out loud in the middle of screaming match. 

You’ll be doing your relationship — and yourself — a huge favor.