This Top-Secret Waterslide In Hawaii Is Giving Us Major #TravelGoals

Photo: Instagram

Hawaii has a BIG secret.

The sun may still be shining, but before we know it, Fall will arrive and the fun memories of summer are going to be exactly that: memories. So, if you want to get in some last minute vacation thrills, consider Hawaii. 

Yes, we get it — Hawaii is the typical summer destination and isn't exactly original. Really, Hawaii may be an oldie, but it's a goodie, especially now that one of its most precious-kept secrets is out.

Amidst the shining crystal blue waters and culture-filled resorts, in the depths of Waipio Valley is a hidden gem.

According to Elite Daily, there is a hidden waterslide! And not just your typical waterslide. No, this is a natural waterslide, not one of those silly plastic slides at Six Flags. The 35-foot rock slide was part of a complex irrigation system. 

Take a look at these amazing photos!

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Isn't that thrilling? And there's a reason why you've never heard of it before. You can only reach the secret water slide via the "White Road Hike," which is not a major attraction for tourists. Also, the path is apparently treacherous, unmapped, and, oh... not legal!

Children and inexperienced hikers should not attempt this hike, at all! According to this account on Yahoo!, "the hike is practically in the clouds, if you attempt it on a wet or foggy day you’ll miss out on the beautiful views. Consider yourself warned." 

The account also mentions "No Trespassing" signs and warnings of hazardous cliffs and potential ground collapse due to earthquakes. You also have to go through a quarter mile of dark tunnels. 

But according to the account, the trek is well worth it. "Every death-defying step is worth it for the jaw-dropping views of the lush valley with thousand-foot waterfalls dotting the vista," they said. 

Photo: Yahoo!

It's definitely not for the weak of heart, but if you're the thrill-seeking adventurous type, this may be the trip for you!