Oregon Trail Is BACK And People Are Losing Their Damn Minds

Photo: BigFishGames
oregon trail game

You've never had so much fun pioneering a trail and dying of dysentery.

Growing up in the late 80s to early 90s meant a lot of things. One, the Lunchables packs with desserts or drinks were the crown jewel of lunch boxes. Two, you wore scrunchies and Slap Bracelets as super-trendy designer items that coordinated with your outfit. And three, there was NOTHING better than computer lab day at school. Why?

Because The Oregon Trail, that’s why.

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Back in the day, when not everyone owned a home computer and the you still used AOL discs to access the Internet — or your parents refused to get it because it tied up the phone line — getting to school on computer lab day was basically the 90s equivalent of cheating out of actual learning time for an hour of pure, unadulterated fun.

And now, that wonderful time waster that we didn’t even realize was teaching us about the actual 2040 mile trail traveled by pioneers is back — in card game form.

Photo: PressmanToy Co.

Thanks to The Pressman Toy Company, both kids and adults alike can dive back into the world of snake bites, food shortage, travel, and dysentery on the trail. You can blaze new horizons in your covered wagon and hope you don’t get attacked by wild animals, starve, or meet any other form of 19th century danger along the trail.

Can you make it alive through those torturous miles? Will you be able to ford that river without drowning? The new tabletop card version of this macabre video game promises to leave you guessing at every turn.

Leave a string of your friends and family (quite literally) in the dirt as you try to make your way from Independence, MO to Willamette Valley, OR. Pressman has added in a number of "calamities" that can befall you along the way, and a fun, six-sided pixelated die to roll your demise or freedom!

Check out the video below to learn more about this awesome video game from your childhood: