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Stop Waiting Around For Him — His Indecision Is A Decision

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About 99% of the time, dating doesn't make any sense. 

With all the ways you can meet and talk with men (both online and IRL), the possibility of you getting confused and misreading signals is insanely high. Making the importance of giving the benefit of the doubt even more crucial.

And while yes, he could have REALLY missed your second date because his car broke down on the highway and he had to hitchhike to the nearest gas station, but he could also be playing you for a fool.

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The sad part is, most of the time you'll just never know. 


Though I'll always be the one to preach for believing in the best in people, dating is an area where you have to put yourself first. You have to be honest with yourself when trying to see if a guy is genuine about whatever situation is keeping you two apart, or if he's lying. 

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This is usually easier said than done, because once you like a guy, you want him to be the one. You ignore all red flags and warning signs with the belief that the goodness you know is inside him will prevail through all the bullshit he's currently feeding you. 

Sounds kind of insane, right? 


Well the best way to navigate past your own emotional attachments is to think of your current situation as logically as possible. What is really keeping you apart? Is he making an actual effort to resolve things as quickly as he can? Compare what he's saying to what he's doing. 

And if you find that he's massaging the truth more than he's telling it or that he's pretty much leading you on (for probably no reason other than sex), then let him go. Don't let his smooth talking fool you. If he wanted to be with you, he would be with you. 

End of story. 


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