Mondays Are A Drag, But Your November 23 Horoscope Isn't — Promise!

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Your free daily horoscope for Monday, November 23, 2015.

Normally, we'd agree that Mondays are the definition of the WORST. But it's a holiday week, so we've got a couple extra days off. That means today is technically already Wednesday... right? Get optimistic with your horoscope for November 23.

Sagittarius: Tis FINALLY the Sagittarius season! It’s birthday time for you lucky archers and you’re off to a good start! Today is smooth sailing, especially for a Monday. Keep your eyes open for awesome opportunities. Maybe it’s that job opening you’ve had your eye on, or better yet: those boots you’ve pinned at least 3,000 times are finally on sale! Start jotting down your birthday wishes. It’s never too soon to dream big… but you know that!

Capricorn: You’re usually the first one at the office and the last one to leave. And today you see some SERIOUS rewards for all your blood, sweat and tears! Today, don’t eat dinner at your desk. You’re attracting attention and feeling pretty good about life, so take that sexy good mood out with some friends and see what other yummy rewards come your way.

Aquarius: You are the humanitarian of the zodiac, dear water bearer! Do those shoulders feel heavy today? We know you feel like you're carrying the weight of the world. You’ve been looking after some family members, maybe even someone visiting from out of town. You’re a good egg — but don’t fry yourself! Looks like you’ll have a little down time today to at least take a cat nap... Do it!

Pisces: Sweet Pisces, you don’t like troubled waters. And seriously, who can blame you?? Today is on the calmer side, you're still gonna wanna play it safe. Don't get any crazy ideas (sorry, sky diving and magician's assistant are off the table for today), got it? Lay low and chill. You won't be sorry.

Aries: Dear Fiery Ram: we know you like being on the go. Today, you might feel a little anxious about things — but burn the anxiety (and some calories!) off with some cardio. Make a game plan and work out some details to help ease your stress. If anyone knows how to take action, it’s you — so what are you waiting for!

Taurus: Grab your sunglasses, because your Monday is lookin' BRIGHT! Seriously, who wakes up feeling like that on a Monday? YOU DO! We know you like your routines, but that weird feeling in your gut? Yeah, it means it's time to change things up. With all that star power, what do you have to lose?! What have you always wanted to try? Pole dancing, swimming with the dolphins off the Pacific Coast? That new sushi place down the street? Whatever it is, don't sleep on it — now's the time, ya hear!?

Gemini: You’re even more of a social butterfly than usual! You make small talk an art form. It’s going to be a busy week. If you’re single, take a break from Netflix — time to get out into the world and use this great energy to meet some hotties. Trust us — this holiday season, you will have more invitations that you can fit in your glittery party clutch!

Cancer: You woke up a little anxious, but don’t you dare crawl back into your shell! The day gets better, promise. Have a nagging feeling that you need to get organized? You're right — it's time to get your priorities in order. Make a list, clean out your closet. Once you do, you can sit back and sip a glass of red wine in your spotless space. Just don’t spill any... you worked so hard all day to make it perfect!

Leo: Hot DAMN your head is swimming today, Leo! You’re soooo over the survival job. You’ve got dreams and you want to see results TODAY, before you lose your mane! Day by day kitty cat, day by day — stay focused. Seems like people want a lot from you today. Just give a little roar and they will give you your space back. But be nice about it, you don’t want them to run away forever.

Virgo: You're mellowed out today, Virgo. As usual, your besties need your advice. You always have some wise words to handle all their Tinder snafus. This calls for an impromptu girls night! Chill out at your place. Let them bring the wine and cheese — you bring the inspiring quotes and sassy smart solutions.

Libra: Was that Instagram that just dinged, or Facebook? Oh, it was Twitter — duh! Crap... when was the last time you checked Snapchat? Who can keep up!? Today, Libra, YOU CAN! You are a social media maven. New photos, new followers, new likes... #KillinIt Add us! Add us!

Scorpio: We don't want to hear ANY complaints out of your today, Scorpio. You had a hell of a birthday time. Yeah, the party’s over — but that doesn't mean the fun has to end. Today has a lot of great opportunities if you’re looking. Quick: check Tinder, or LinkedIn — depends what you’re hungry for. But don't make any rash decisions. Let things unfold before you decide you’re done, got it?