WHOA! This Is What Gia From "Full House" Looks Like Now

Photo: wikia
Gia from Full House

Spoiler: She's no longer a bad girl.

Gia made me cringe whenever she stepped into the kitchen on Full House. As a middle child, I didn't enjoy watching Stephanie Tanner get grounded for listening to Gia's delinquent ideas.

Personal grievances aside, Gia is the most memorable bad girl to grace our television sets and every teenage girl of the 90's wished they could hang out with her. But where's Gia now?

After landing multiple guest roles on other hit shows of the 90's — like Boy Meets World, Step by Step, Home Improvement, Party of Five, and Over the Top, actress Marla Sokoloff held a reoccurring role on The Practice as rape counselor, Lori Hatcher. She also played supporting roles in the movies Dude, Where's My Car? and Sugar and Spice.

She later guest starred on Desperate Housewives, CSI: NY, Melissa & Joey and Burn Notice. And in the mix, she dated — wait for it — James Franco! For five years! Not bad Gia, not bad.

Today, Sokoloff has come a long way from being Gia, the infamous bad girl that made mothers want to hide their teenage sons. Sokoloff plays the biggest roles of wife to Deadsy drummer Alec Puro, and mother to two children.

Photo: People Magazine

As the Full House reboot is in progress, everyone should ask: Will Gia make an appearance? Because she definitely should.