5 Awesome Reasons You're Totally Addicted To Working Out

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5 Awesome Reasons You're Totally Addicted To Working Out

Just one more mile!

By Rebecca Brown

It took you a while to jump onto the healthy lifestyle bandwagon, and now you can't seem to find a reason to ever get off. Between the camaraderie you experience in Spin class and the way your sleeping has improved (not to mention you managed to acquire some pretty fashionable yoga pants), exercise has changed your life for the better.

Here are five likely explanations for why you just can't stop working out. 

1. Runner's High

The feel-good sensation you experience after a jog isn't just in your head — it's very much a real thing. After an intense session, your body releases endorphins, which trigger that runner's high you can't get enough of.

2. You're Developing Muscles

It's been a few weeks since your bootcamp class introduced a new upper-body routine, and after shocking your arms with an effective mix of TRX and weight lifting, you've started to develop triceps, biceps, and even deltoids. Must. Keep. Going.

3. Yoga Has Helped You With Headaches

There are a number of factors that contribute to headaches — your posture, tight shoulders, poor hydration, and stress levels — but you've been using yoga poses to help release some tension headaches. While yoga poses aren't a cure-all, they aid in circulation and have been a great alternative to taking aspirin.

4. You Feel Strong and Confident

Your body has started to change, and now you feel lean and tough. This change in attitude has given you a huge self-esteem boost, and you carry it with you throughout the day, tackling all sorts of obstacles with a renewed sense of confidence.

5. You Sleep Like a Baby

Regular exercise is known to help people sleep better, so as long as you haven't been saving your workouts for late at night, you've probably found that snagging eight hours of shut-eye has been a piece of cake.

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This article was originally published at PopSugar Fitness. Reprinted with permission from the author.