Ladies: It's Not A "Hoo-Ha" Or A "Vajayjay"—​ It's Called A VAGINA

Photo: WeHeartIt

You're not a child. Embrace the correct anatomical term!

I cringe inside every time I hear a grown adult call a vagina a "hoo-ha" or some other cockamamie made up name. It's like people give it some cartoon baby-talk quality, or instead, some cloaked name shaming the female body. 

It's a vagina people. A vagina. A V-A-G-I-N-A!

What's so scary and damning about our own vaginas that even members of my own sex, the female race, can't say the word with pride or without looking like they just swallowed an elephant or are about to puke?

In case you've forgotten, a vagina is a powerful place and right inside of it is the almighty powerful uterus, home to many millions of babies. The vagina is the gatekeeper to fertility and sexuality and it's also friendly towards its neighbors, the anus and urethra.

Did you just puke when you read that?

How do we possibly get young girls to feel confident and secure in their own bodies — to have knowledge about how their very own body parts work — if we talk about them with embarrassment rather than information and pride?

I'm not saying you should have a parade for your vagina, but I am saying, "What's all the embarrassment about?"

Do you think having a penis would be better? Forget the fact that men get to pee standing up. Forget the fact that men make more than women do, on the average.

Are you sad with your lot — your despicable vagina? Because that's what it seems like when you squirm as you say vagina or some other word that it's not, because you're uncomfortable with your body.

Could you imagine if someone made that face and some BS word every time he or she spoke about his knees? Eyeballs? Stomach? How bizarre would that be?

And not for nothing, but a vagina isn't a decorative piece of furniture or pair of earrings. It doesn't need to be beautiful, but it's not hideous. It's intricate. Complex.

A penis isn't all that pretty. I mean, I'm a fan, of course, but the first time I saw one I was a bit creeped out.

Yes, the vagina is the ticket collector to sex and birth. I get it. Sex can be really raw, sweaty, hot, wicked, and amazing. Birth can be raw, sweaty, and amazing, too. 

Despite what a vagina may be associated with, there's no reason to teach your children to call it some jibber-jabber. 

Doesn't education empower us? Isn't it crucial for young girls to understand how their vaginas operate? If they don't, aren't they then at risk for abuse, bad, unsatisfying sex, and/or potentially having medical issues they know nothing about?

I'm not saying you should wear a tiara on your vagina (is that possible?), but that you should call it by its proper name. Same goes for the penis.

This is our body and a viable working part of what makes us human. Don't burden it with a scarlet letter.

 The next time you squirm, flinch, or whisper about your very own private parts, I want you to ask yourself, "Why am I so ashamed about my own damn body?"

The answer you come up with may teach you a lot about your assumptions about sex, and yourself.

And heck, it may even set you free.