More People Would Rather Share Their Own Naked Pics Than THIS

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To be honest, we don't even blame them.

You groggily wake up on a Saturday morning, not quite ready to start the day, only to discover a missed call.

"Why is the bank calling me?" you wonder.

Instead of returning the call, you go about your day, stopping at your fave retail store at the mall. After spotting a sexy fuchsia dress — perfect for a summer night out in the city! — you head to the cash register. They ring it up, and your debit card is declined. You freak out, call the bank, and the rep drops a bomb: you’ve been compromised!

This isn’t a scene from a Tom Cruise movie. Many of us have had our financial information stolen. Identity theft is real, chicas!

In fact, many of you are so terrified to have your financial data breached that, according to a Mastercard study, 62 percent of millennials would rather have their nude selfies go viral than their financial information. As mami would say, “Santo Dios!”  

The older generation, however, is a bit more reserved: only 55 percent would rather show their bits than have their financial details stolen. Non-millennials want to shield their naked bodies from hackers and the world wide web. Makes sense: passwords and such can always be changed, but not your vagina! Once it has been compromised, it’s out there for all to see — unless you go incognito or undergo major vaginal reconstruction surgery. 

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.