1/3 Of Divorced People In The UK Had Cold Feet On Their Wedding Day

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Divorced British Couples Had Cold Feet

Your intuition is there for a REASON.

The society we live in today often trivializes the fact that marriage is a big step. The truth is that you can be in a relationship with someone for five months or ten years, yet that doesn't necessarily mean he's the right husband for you.

In fact, your cold feet at the altar may be telling you something.

A recent survey by law firm Slater and Gordon found that out of 1604 divorced couples from the United Kingdom, one-third actually had second thoughts about saying "I do". 

As if that's not shocking enough, 90 percent of the couples decided NOT to discuss their concerns with their partners.

According to the survey, "Just 36 percent of the divorcees polled said they felt positive about their future on their wedding day and 15 percent admitted they felt physically sick because they worried they were making a mistake."

The study also went on to say that "One in six people said they believed they could make their partner change for the better once they were married and 42 percent said they hoped it would all work out."

This surprising revelation proves that there are times when you know, deep down, that you don't have a future together. It's possible that giving it a shot in spite of your doubts could work for you, but you may end up regretting it.

As much as it may hurt, you can't force yourself to grin and bear it if your heart just isn't into it. It isn't fair to your partner — and it certainly isn't fair to you.