Blasphemy! Can You Believe The U.K. Is Trying To Ban THIS?

Photo: WeHeartIt
woman drinking

Thank god we live in America!

In 2015, you'd think our society would be headed toward laws on alcohol and other substances, either remaining the same or becoming more lenient. In America, we moved past prohibition and already have three states where marijuana is legal. Things look promising for us.

The U.K., however, may take several steps back thanks to a new bill.

According to The Week, Queen Elizabeth announced a new bill that puts a blanket ban on "any substance intended for human consumption that is capable of producing a psychoactive effect." This definition can refer to alcohol, weed, cigarettes, and even coffee. (!!!!!!!)

If someone is found breaking this ban, it could be punishable for up to seven years in prison. This bill could also lead to the first ban of all psychoactive substances.

Currently, Ireland and Poland have a ban on substances that have a "significant" effect on people. That means citizens are still allowed to have alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes.

Hopefully, somebody wises up and gets them to clarify and make exclusions. The Guardian states that the goal of this new bill is to ban substances like cannabis, ecstasy, heroin, and the abuse of prescription drugs.

I guess that means the U.K. probably won't be making pot cocktails anytime soon.