1 In 4 Students Didn't Have Sex In College At THIS Famous School

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 How Many Harvard Students Are Actually Having Sex
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Studying > Sexing, we guess.

Colleges and universities have a reputation for different things, but the two big categories people usually focus on are the party schools and the Ivy League schools.

But does that means they have nothing in common? Are students who are going to a school more focused on academics not having fun or having sex

Harvard conducted a survey with its 2015 class and got an interesting look into their sex lives. 

Turns out, 24 percent of students didn't do the deed during college. But of the ones that did, 12 percent got really busy and had more than ten partners.

Wait, is this normal?

This actually follows last year's trend. In the 2014 Harvard survey, they found that 21 percent of graduates made it through school keeping their virginity. The percent of students who had more than ten partners also remained the same.

The biggest reason for the lack of students getting it on is probably evidence of having a big workload. Not only did the students finish it up to graduate, but they also completely crushed it. Harvard reports that the 2015 class graduated with an A- GPA.

If you're putting all that money down for Harvard, you might as well make the most of it, right? You can have sex at any time in your life; making those grades is probably more important ... probably.