When Does My Selfie Habit Become A Selfie Problem?

Who knew?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking selfies. I think people have been taking selfies for as long as cameras existed. Only now, it's easier to share these photos with others through social media with just a couple of clicks and taps (no more snail mail sending of printed photos).

For some women, selfies build confidence; for others, it's simply the fun and joy that come from taking and sharing them with family and friends. Whether it's by posing by yourself at the beach during a vacation in Bali or in your kitchen wearing a dirty apron after finishing a pasta surprise dish, you are sharing your life with the world. And the world is interested, it really is.

But when does your selfie addiction become unhealthy?

Author and YourTango expert Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein discusses the difference between healthy selfies and the unhealthy selfies. Your unhealthy selfies may not seem harmful for the time being, but there are actually long-term consequences, so you should avoid these if you can. Dr. Holstein wants you to remember that anyone in the world can see what you post online. 

Check out her video to find out if your selfies pose a danger to your future.