REVEALED: The Scientific Reason Why Men Exist On This Planet

Photo: WeHeartIt

Ahhhh, it ALL makes sense now.

Chances are, you've wondered at some point in time why men exist. Why can't humans just be asexual like some other species? What's the point of the crazy dating pool?

Researchers have finally given us the answer. All those days spent decoding a guy's text messages are all part of a bigger plan.

According to new research, men compete for women to choose them so it improves the gene pool. Humans who are chosen to procreate tend to boost health in the human race.

"Competition among males for reproduction provides a really important benefit, because it improves the genetic health of populations," professor Matt Gage, who led the work at Britain's University of East Anglia, tells Reuters

He further explains that being rejected for sex could actually be a good thing!

"Sexual selection achieves this by acting as a filter to remove harmful genetic mutations, helping populations to flourish and avoid extinction in the long-term."

The study came to this conclusion after evolving Tribolium flour beetles for 10 years, noticing that the intensity of sexual selection changed during each generation in the reproductive stage. Scientists found that the beetles with stronger sexual selection lead to greater strength and more resilience to extinction.

Dating and filtering through guys may be tiring, but it's for the greater good.