YES! Our Ancestors Were Actually Feminists, Says Study

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Our Ancestors Were Actually Feminists
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Feminism: So easy a caveman can do it, amirite?

For all of the people who think that equal rights is a silly and modern notion that raging feminists and "man haters" dreamed up, we're about to ruin your day.

According to a recent study by University College London, our ancestors had a much more progressive view when it came to gender equality. 

Feminism: So easy a caveman can do it, amirite?

Our society always prides itself on not repeating any mistakes from the past. But based on the findings of this study, we have a lot of explaining to do.

Researchers analyzed the structure of modern hunter-gatherer tribes, paying close attention to the gender dynamics in each group. They found that when they go on hunting trips, they "operate on egalitarian basis, suggesting that inequality was an aberration that came with the advent of agriculture."

This means that it wasn't until people were able to grow crops on their own land that this longstanding battle for women's rights really began.

Early men and women worked together without arguing about whether women had the right to an equal status. So what does that say about the culture we live in today?

Anthropologist Mark Dyble went on to say that "Sexual equality is one of a important suite of changes to social organisation (sic), including things like pair-bonding, our big, social brains, and language, that distinguishes humans. It’s an important one that hasn't really been highlighted before."

Science just proved that equality really IS a good thing. (Surprise, surprise.)