This is Why Your Woman's Intution is Bull$hit


That voice in your head you call intuition, it's not real.

Hey ladies, that little voice in your head. Yep, that voice that’s already telling you this article is bullshit because of its title – yep that voice, it isn’t you.

What do you mean it's not me? – I can hear your thoughts from here – is what you must be asking yourself right now. Well, here’s the thing, that voice was programmed over time by your brain as a way to survive in the world based on your past experiences and does not reflect who you are in the present or who you are trying to be in the future.

That voice that you may call intuition, is sabotaging you and keeping you in the past.

Let’s back up a bit and define Intuition: A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Let’s make sure you read that again… I’ll wait for you here.

Ok, so let’s start by addressing your feelings by saying something you might find ridiculous– your feelings are not real. I know they feel real, but they’re not facts. That’s why your feelings on a particular subject can be completely different than someone else when your experiences are different.

Our thoughts and feelings are formed by our experiences and our experiences are ever changing. Have you ever loved your boyfriend to death one minute, and the next minute felt like you want to kill him? Yeah, me neither, but ummm.. yeah, feelings change. Even more so, feelings are influenced by circumstances and for the most part are driven by our brain on autopilot.

Have you ever gotten in the car to drive to work and next thing you knew you were at work, but you can't remember making the turns, or how you even got there? That's your brain working on auto pilot. It knows the way, and you can be completely checked out in your own thoughts or in the music on the radio, and it will get you there using programmed patterns of behavior.

When we have an experience that looks at all familiar, our brain is programmed to deal with the experience by taking the road we have already traveled. You are going to have the same thoughts and feelings over and over to a familiar experience because that’s how you are programmed, and that’s why things don’t change for you.

It's time to let go of the idea that your feelings/intuition can predict the outcome, not only in your relationships but in your entire life. The only way to truly know what’s going on with you and your partner is to look at the facts. Is there an intent set through language and actions being taken based on that intent?

“But I just know when something is wrong, I can feel it.”

If you’ve said this to yourself while reading this article, it’s time to stop feeling and start figuring what’s actually wrong through facts and communication. I'm not saying to ignore your intuition, I'm asking you to consider making decisions in your life based on your reality - not a feeling. Choose conscious reasoning rather than instinctive feelings to figure out what next steps you should take.

Being conscious means being present, instead of making decisions based on your past. Reasoning comes through an evaluation of facts, not feelings, senses or the story you’ve created in your life.

Stop letting feelings control your life. Stop jumping to conclusions based on your intuition. Stop letting the past rule your present.

The first step to enlightenment and to your own transformation is to acknowledge that that voice in your head isn’t you. Your feelings are not real, and therefor your intuition is bullshit. Once you make that acknowledgement you must practice living your life off of autopilot so that you can create something new in your life that you've never experienced before.

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This article was originally published at LoveLifeTBD.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.