Hold Up, Moms-To-Be! The WORST Time To Conceive A Baby Is...

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father kissing pregnant stomach

Can you guess?

When you finally make the decision to try for a baby, you typically want to get started right away. The sooner you conceive means the sooner you get to hold your precious bundle of joy. 

However, new information is saying you should try to resist your excitement this May because it could have negative impacts on your baby.

As reported on SheKnows, May is a great time to give birth but not to conceive. Babies who are conceived this month are more likely to have more complications, including being born prematurely.

According to this study, this month is dangerous because the flu is running rampant right now. But don't get too disappointed  there may be a loophole on this issue if you're totally against hitting pause on the baby-making mission. The author behind the study says if mom-to-be gets a flu shot, she may be lowering the baby's risk for complication.

And if you're okay waiting a bit, it looks like the rest of the summer months (right around the corner) are great for conceiving. PLUS: Babies who are conceived in the summer have healthier weights.

So don't be afraid to give it a shot next month! It's a great excuse for a summer filled with hot sex, right?