Yikes! Sex Makes You Spill Your Deepest Secrets (Confirms Science)

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secrets spilled

Beware that postcoital pillow talk!

We've seen it go down in countless movies: Hot woman meets secret agent, the two sleep together, they end up talking, and (gasp) it turns out she was a spy who used sex in order to find out his master plan!

The cliché is pretty sexist, but science has found that there is some truth behind it. Pillow talk after sex usually leads to deep conversations, resulting in full disclosure of secrets. Ugh. Call us skeptics but can an orgasm, really, be that good?

Well, researchers from University of Connecticut found that people are more likely to divulge personal information after experiencing an orgasm. What's the culprit?

Well, Oxytocin is one hell of a hormone (known for it's sensational high)! And apparently, just like a drug it makes you do completely irrational things. Oxytocin rushes to the brain after you orgasm which then lowers stress, mirrors feelings of being in love, and therefore drawing more of a connection to that person. Thus, why wouldn't you trust them?

"Postcoital communication is likely linked to sexual and relationship satisfaction. For this reason, pillow talk may play a pivotal role in maintaining intimacy," Dr. Amanda Dense, lead author of the study, explained to the Daily Mail

So in other words: pillow talk is great if you wish to forge a bond, but not so much if you're only in it for the sex.

However, it was noted that there's one method of avoiding this intimacy — sip on a glass of your favorite wine! Alcohol has the opposite affect and will actually help ensure that you don't reveal too many details after sex.

"Oxytocin is an 'upper' and alcohol is a 'downer,' so it's not surprising that they have opposite effects on behavior," says co-author of the study, Tamara Afifi. "People who drink more alcohol on average perceive fewer benefits to disclosing information to their partners."

Well, who knew alcohol was such an antidote to telling secrets? Learn something new everyday, huh?