THIS Is The Emoji Americans Use Most On Their Phones

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emoji wink


Emojis are such a huge part of how we communicate with one another these days. Some might argue that they're childish but haters gonna hate; we feel they get the job done. Trying to get your flirt on? Send a winky face! Want to show how angry you are? Hit em with the red, angry face.

See? Communication at its finest.

BUT: Which emojis are the most popular amongst Americans? You'll be surprised to find:

The SwiftKey Emoji Report surveyed more than a billion pieces of data from Android and iPhone users and found Americans use random emojis like skulls, birthday cake, fire, tech, meat and female-oriented emoji more than anyone else.

Canadians, on the other hand, enjoy the "poop" emoji more than most, with Americans, the second runner up. (So mature, we are.)

Americans use the same-sex emojis 30 percent higher than average texters on a worldwide basis. (How awesome is that?)

In general, the survey found that people like using sad faces, happy faces, hand gestures, hearts, and romantic emojis more than the other ones. And the best part is people tend to use emojis to be positive, since 70 percent of all use of emojis are positive.

Hmm, we're thinking this has everything to do with why emojis users have more sex!

America's use of emojis
Photo: SwiftKey Emoji Report