Sign Us Up! New Female Condom Basically GUARANTEES An Orgasm

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couple in bed

Ladies, this condom is the birth control you didn't know you wanted!

What does any young sexually active woman truly desire? To stay STD-free, put off pregnancy until she's decides otherwise and last (but far from least) to have regular, mind-blowing orgasms.

Well, good news:

Science is finally in sync with our needs a new female condom! Not only does it help prevent STDs or unwanted pregnancy but it also promises to help you achieve that elusive orgasm.

V.a w.o.w is a female condom designed with a rim which serves to keep the condom from slipping, but it also has a vibrating device in order to push you over the edge.

The user survey states that out of the 50 women between the ages 20 to 40, 70 percent were able to get an orgasm after using it for the first time. That number rose to 84 percent on their second time using it and 100 percent (!!!!) the fourth time using it.

According to Yahoo, the V.a w.o.w still needs to get FDA approval, but it will be available in Europe in a year and a half.The company behind the new condom is IXü and they've been toying around with various female condom patents for some time. According to their press release, the reason for the sudden interest in better female contraceptive is because men actually prefer female condoms.

"Perhaps this announcement will evoke an 'aha!' moment from various governmental, non-profit or commercial entities who could promote this proven technology," says an IXü spokesperson in their press release. "This maybe the condom Gates and the safe-sex world is looking for — and it's ready to unveil."

We're ready for it!