4 Ways Owning A Kitty Makes You Happier (Says Science)

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4 Ways Owning A Kitty Makes You Happier (Says Research)


A lot of people are against getting a kitty, claiming they're not into pets or cats but they're really missing out big time! Cats make people happier and that's not just an opinion — science says so. Here are four ways our feline friends have been proven to make us happier:

1. They lower your risk of a heart attack.
Your happiness is tied to your health — and thankfully your cat is watching out for that. According to Medical News Today, owning a cat reduces your chances of having a heart attack by almost one third! The reason? Cats  along with other pets  help relieve stress.

2. They protect your home from vermin.
No matter how much you pet and cuddle your cat, it will still have killer instincts literally. A report claims that free-range domestic cats kill 1.3 to 4 billion birds and 6.3 to 22.3 billion mammals PER YEAR. Translation: If you don't like mice, your kitty's got you covered.

3. If you're happy, they're happy.
Cats get a bad rep for being mean and moody but they're very much like dogs in the sense that they mirror their owner's mood. An experiment was conducted where three groups of owners had to react to a fan. One group was neutral, the second was negative, and the third was positive. They found that cats typically reacted the same way their owners did. So if you're happy and reacting positively to things, so will your feline!

4. They make you more open-minded.
Are you a close-minded person? Perhaps you should get a cat! A study attempted to determine the differences between dog and cat people and although, cat people tend to be more neurotic, they were also more open-mnded. And what harm has being tolerant ever done? 

If you've seen the light, you're probably running out to your local shelter to adopt your new, purring BFF. You'll have each other to thank!