Science Says Millenials Are Having WAY Less Sex Than You

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We now explore our sexuality and frolic with whom we desire, and how see we fit.

By Sujeiry Gonzalez

During our abuelita's generation, sex with a man who was not your husband was frowned upon. You couldn't even get down during courtship. Te casaste without tasting the goods or trying on his crown jewels.

Since then, things have definitely changed. Blame the sexual revolution, hippies, or the forbidden dance (I'm talking about bachata); we now explore our sexuality and frolic with whom we desire, and how see we fit.

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But does this mean that recent generations are having more sex? Not exactly.

According to a study, millennial's are having less sex than those of us who came before — that's approximately 4.9 times a month for millennial men and 4.8 times for millennial women. Generation X's rate of sex per month is much higher at 6.2 times for women and 6.3 for men.

Why are millennials keeping their genitals locked away?

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The PRRI study revealed that 42 percent of millennials find casual sex immoral. So more millennials are waiting to have sex when in a committed relationship.

Another theory has to do with technology: millennials are attached to their smartphones. Whether they are out with friends or in bed with their significant other, they are tweeting, taking selfies and posting them on Instagram. Sure, we all do it, but millennial's basically popped out of their mami's vagina with cell phone in hand.

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Overall, how the newer generations see and experiences sex is changing. Perhaps we'll need another sexual revolution down the line, or many of you will be as sexually frustrated as our abuelita's. 

This article was originally published at Latina . Reprinted with permission from the author.