"Gentle" C-Sections Are Now A Thing — Intrigued?

pregnant woman

But oddly, there's nothing that gentle about them.

Childbirth methods have completely transformed over the years to make the process more "comfortable." Women have many options to accommodate their needs from natural home birth to the more common, hospital birth. One method in particular — the Cesarean section (C-Section) — has not only helped save lives but has also afforded women the option of choosing their birth date. 

So it comes as no surprise that this surgical method has received a minor facelift.  

Some doctors are now offering expecting mothers "Gentle C-Sections." 

Gentle? Huh? Don't get too excited ladies.

Sadly, the title of the procedure is a little misleading. The Gentle C-section has little to do with the surgery being gentle and more to do with the woman's overall experience. 

According to Sean Daneshman, M.D., a "gentle" C-section caters more to the mother's needs. 

"It allows for moms to have more control," Daneshmand explains to Yahoo. "It's not such a sterile environment."

This new C-Section involves: 

  1. Playing music in order to sooth the parents
  2. The surgeon providing full explanations and play-by-plays of their steps.
  3. Allowing the mother bond with the child by placing it on her chest immediately after birth, while suctioning and cleaning the newborn.

Most of these things sound like a given — but it sounds like proper bedside manner, no? Why does it have to be labeled differently?