Exclusive: Matt LeBlanc Meets The Parents In 'Lovesick' [Video]


Joey Tribbiani is in a new romantic comedy!

Joey Tribbiani would not have the problems Charlie Darby has in the new romantic comedy Lovesick.

Charlie Darby, played by Matt LeBlanc, has a pretty wonderful and easy life as a elementary school principal. He's just got one small problem: when he starts to date a woman he goes a bit crazy. Not just nerves like the rest of the world gets when talking to a crush, but he actually goes clinically insane. Of course, he meets his perfect match, Molly Kingston, played by Ali Larter (who, let's face it, is the perfect match for everyone) and he will have to learn to deal with his psychosis if he wants to make it work with her.

YourTango got exclusive access to a short clip from the movie. In the scene, Charlie's mental state gets the better of him at the most inopportune moment, while he's meeting Molly's mom and dad.

The movie is currently playing in select theaters, but you can watch Lovesick right now on iTunes and VOD. Now you don't even have to leave your house for a romantic rom-com movie date for Valentine’s Day!

Lovesick stars Matt LeBlanc (Friends, Episodes), Ali Larter (Heroes, Drive Me Crazy), Chevy Chase (Vacation, Community) Adam Rodriguez (CSI: Miami, Magic Mike), Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock From the Sun, The Exes) and Rachael Harris (Hangover, New Girl).