Just Want To Be Happy? 5 Things You Need To Do RIGHT NOW! [VIDEO]


Genuine happiness definitely doesn't happen overnight but there are ways to get there!

Even though craving happiness is a part of being human, trying to figure out how to get it definitely isn't always so clear cut. All of those movies make it seem as if being happy is incredibly easy, which just isn't always the case—But we're pretty sure that we all know this based on our own experiences. As crazy as it may sound, many people practically spend a lifetime in the pursuit of happiness. The problem is that figuring out where to even begin can sometimes make the journey feel so far away.

So is there seriously a key to happiness? And if there is, just what exactly do we need to change about our current lifestyle so we can start working on our happy ending?

According to author John Gray, there are actually quite a few simple ways to do this! Even though it may seem easier said than done, you have to remember that things that are worth fighting for take time. His spot-on advice on what we need to do to have have a happy life led us to a few questions of our own:

1. When was the last time you really looked at yourself in the mirror? And we're not just talking about as part of your morning routine.

2. Can you honestly say that you are satisfied with everything in your life?

3. If you have a lot going on right now, can you pinpoint any ways that you may have inadvertenly contributed to the stress?

Genuine happiness definitely doesn't happen overnight. But with John Gray's tips, you'll get there in no time at all!