How To Stop Trust Issues From Ruining Your Love Life [VIDEO]


Here's how to stop them right in their tracks!

The old saying that "trust is a two-way street" is applicable on many levels. Of course, it's something that must be reciprocated to really work. But more important it’s an endeavor in which trusting too much can end in graphic, gnarly tragedy and too little can end in zero progress with a long line of people honking at you to get on with it already. That said, trust is the glue that holds together all meaningful romantic relationships. But what happens when one or both partners have trust issues?

In the video above, The Relationship Help Doctor Rhoberta Shaler discusses what to do when your partner accuses you of having trust issues. Given the critical nature of trust in any relationship, but especially intimate ones, this is a problem that requires diligent and critical care. Please watch Dr. Shaler's advice on trust and let us know what you think in the comments below.