The Ugly Truth Behind Why She Cheated (Brace Yourself) [VIDEO]


This is the REAL reason why women are unfaithful.

Level with us here. Have you ever noticed that in almost every single movie that we see, when someone commits adultery, it's usually the guy? Why is that? For some reason, there's a common misconception that the man is the only person in the relationship who can stray from his partner. Well, we're going to keep it real with you and say that just isn't true. Because we never really talk about it as much, trying to figure out why women cheat has been a bit of a mystery. That is, until now.

Guys, you may want to brace yourselves for the answer because it definitely isn't pretty. And according to author Charles J Orlando, it has everything to do with you and your relationship. Hearing what he had to say around the 1:00 benchmark really got us thinking. For starters, it goes without saying that two of the things that a successful relationship relies on are:

  • Trust
  • Passion

Without these fundamental elements, it's next to impossible for your bond to last. Let's be honest. If you were with someone who—even though you really loved them—didn't make you feel either of these two things, would you really want to stick around? We have to say that we agree with the number one reason Charles J Orlando gives for why women cheat. He even went undercover on Ashley Madison, a site that is pretty much considered a cheater's haven, to get to the bottom of this million dollar question. What he found helped him come up with the best solution for how to avoid this problem. And trust us; you're going to want to hear it.