How To Make Your Divorce Easier On Your Kids [VIDEO]


Here's how you can make everything easier for everyone involved.

Even though going through a divorce can be really hard, seeing the effect that it has on our kids makes everything that much harder. Of course we don't blame them for feeling like they are being pulled in two different directions and trying to keep up with the both of us. The point is that a divorce doesn't just affect us as parents, but our family as a whole. That's what makes going through litigation without letting the fresh pain get to us so difficult. But that's where mediation comes in.

Divorce coach Micki McWade definitely had a point when she mentions just how helpful working with a mediator can be for our families. Instead of having everything feel so clinical, mediation helps us put our best foot forward by giving us a chance to:

1. Do everything all together, in one place (at the conference table). This lets our lawyers and financial expert gather as much information as they need about our situation so we can come up with the best solution.

2. Work with a divorce coach to figure out the best way to protect our kids from our divorce.

It may not seem like it at first but this can make a major difference in how our children learn to cope with everything that's been going on. At the end of the day, even though our marriage is over, we have to make sure that we push our feelings aside because our family's well being and happiness will always come first.