How To Pretend You're Not Hooking Up (When You Totally Are)


How to sneak around like a pro.

There's nothing worse than being stuck in an awkward situation. If you've ever been caught making out in the strangest places (like the broom closet, for starters), you know that there is pretty much only one thing you can do...and that’s make up a crazy excuse on why you guys were there in the first place. Thankfully, this hilarious video by Buzzfeed gives you even more examples of some pretty "believable" excuses that you can use:




But seriously, who knew that they were thousands of different excuses you can come up with when you get caught hooking up with someone in a closet? First, you have the obvious go-to excuse of "We were just looking for a bathroom". That one's definitely a classic. Or you may want to go overboard and use something no one would expect. Try using either the poisonous spider bite or even the Harry Potter Dementor role play excuse. If neither of those work, just say you were playing a surprise birthday party.

Alright, alright—chances are none of these excuses will work. You may as well just say you were making out; it isn’t a crime to make out with someone (who cares?). Just save yourself all of that trouble and be honest.