Cold Feet? 3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Walking Down The Aisle


What to do if you just can't shake off those nerves.

After spending so much time planning the wedding, we're pretty sure that it's natural to feel nervous when it comes time to finally walking down the aisle. Now that we're shifting from wedding planning mode to reality, we have so much more time to think now that we're no longer worrying over whether the decorations are going to turn out okay or if some of our more dramatic guests should be seated away from each other. This is usually around the time when the nerves finally kick in and those butterflies turn into fear. Everyone has at least a few second thoughts when they're getting married. But figuring out if our cold feet are pre-wedding jitters or something so much more serious is where the real battle begins.

We think that Dating Expert Dr. Karin Anderson's comment that it's very easy to get caught up in the hype of the wedding and forget about the marriage that comes after it is completely spot on. If we realize that we're more in love with being a bride than a wife, that's probably the biggest red flag and indicator that this marriage isn't such a great idea after all. Why put ourselves through the inevitable heartache of marrying a guy who just wasn't the right fit? Trust us when we say that listening to those feelings (and then taking the time to process them) can make all of the difference.