19 Things Your Boyfriend Would Never Admit To Doing


Don't we all have that one thing that is a guilty pleasure?


It doesn't come as a surprise that we all have certain things that we would never admit to doing to anyone, not even our closest friends. I will be the first to that I have my own personal quirks—And if I have it my way, most of my friends will never find out about any of them. That's what makes this video that gives the world a little taste of the weird confessions men would never admit ten times more hilarious. If you have a boyfriend, you may want to take notes.

These things can range from songs they would never be expected to like to their own personal body issues. The video starts out with a guy talking about his insecurities about his back hair. No guy is going to openly tell people he hates his back hair because that’s probably just way too much information. Another thing that guys would never admit is that we sometimes like things that are considered "girly". It can be a pumpkin spiced latte, Britney Spears' latest songs, or even getting pedicures. There are just some things that we'd rather keep to ourselves. For those of you who have ever wanted to know just what us guys are sometimes hiding, look no further.