What Would Happen If Guys Said 'I Love You' To Their Bros

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This has the potential to be SLIGHTLY awkward.



So from what I've seen, girls tell their best friends they love them ll of the time. Guy just do not do that (well unless they are drunk). To be honest, it is just one of those things that are implied for us. A guy’s best friend knows that they love them, which is why we do not say it at all. If you want to see just how awkward it would be if guys decided to say those three words to their friends, look no further because the hilarious people at Buzzfeed hit the nail on the head.

First off, I would advise all of you guys not to watch this video while you’re at work because you will definitely laugh hysterically at how awkward these guys are. Then, you will spend the rest of your day wondering what would actually happen if you told your best guy friend how you really felt about him. I'm pretty sure it goes without saying that your friends already know you love them, so you don’t really have to say it. Save the “I love you” for drunk or funny moments. After all, nothing says friendship like calling your friends the worst name possible before saying you love them. Now that’s bro code.