I Love You Katy Perry But Please Stay Away From Football


From corndog food fights to corny pickup lines, Katy Perry had an...interesting football weekend.


ESPN's College GameDay is always packed with excitement (and often complete randomness) but on Saturday, it reached a new level thanks to the one and only Katy Perry. Known for being pretty out there, the superstar surpassed herself when she was featured as the celebrity guest picker and spent a duration of her time there hitting on Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight.

Judging from her antics on the show, she didn't really seem to know (or care) a lot about college football so her being on the show didn't make a lot of sense. But seriously, she definitely did not help herself by randomly throwing corndogs at the TV monitors and making really bad jokes like it was going out of style. I mean, I would have no problem with Perry being on the show at all if she actually tried to make it more about football. But she didn't.

Let’s be honest, kissing the pictures of players does not help football fanatics respect her knowledge. That being said, I have to admit that this has to have been one of the funniest episodes in GameDay history. Even though things got very weird, very fast, we finally had someone on the show that was able to match host Lee Corso’s eccentric personality. Katy Perry, I love you but please skip the football shows from now on.

Sorry, not sorry.