6 Things You Didn't Know About Teresa & Joe Giudice!

Teresa-Giudice and Joe-Giudice

There's more to Teresa and Joe Giudice than tax fraud charges. Get to know the 'RHONJ' couple.

Teresa and Joe Giudice are making headlines for bad behavior — no table flipping required.

Joe Giudice pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud, including failure to file income taxes on over $1 million from 2004 to 2008.

Infamous Real Housewives Of New Jersey castmember Teresa Giudice pleaded guilty to four counts of her own for various charges.

The couple as a whole was indicted with a whopping 41 counts of fraud, including mail fraud, bank fraud and tax fraud. They each face pretty stiff penalties for their failure to pay Uncle Sam as well: Joe is facing up to 46 months in prison, while Teresa is looking at a possible 27 months. Their sentences, which haven't been determined just yet, may be staggered so that one parent can be home with their four daughters, Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana.

But there's more to these two than their myriad legal problems and shady accounting. Get to know Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice beyond their court cases.

Joe Giudice may be deported as a result of his charges.
Joe Giudice is legally a citizen of Italy. He faces possible deportation along with his jail time, which would make for a horrible life for Teresa and their daughters ... but for great television on RHONJ. And don't think they won't film it, because they are — and Teresa is all for staying on TV as long as she can, probably because she needs the paychecks to pay her massive debts (for Teresa alone, about $8 million) and legal fees.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey wasn't Teresa Giudice's first role as a housewife.
She also played "Housewife No. 2" on an episode of Mercy, a drama about hospital nurses. Typecasting much? KEEP READING!


Joe may have a Napoleon complex.
If you're wondering why Teresa leans over in all of her photos with her husband, it's because she's 5'8" to his 5'5". Maybe that's why he felt pressured to at least have a big ... bank account.

Teresa may be a Housewife, but she's still the primary breadwinner.
Prior to her Bravo fame, Teresa studied fashion marketing and management at Berkeley College, later working for Vogue and Macy's in New York City as an associate buyer. No wonder why she has such expensive taste! She's got her own fashion, hair care and jewelry lines as well as several published books, including cookbooks. On top of that, Teresa's also a committee member for RHONJ co-star Dina Manzo's charity, Project Ladybug. As for her husband? Joe attempted to open a pizzeria and a few other businesses and describes himself as an "entrepreneur," but uh, court records say otherwise. 

Surprise! Reality TV isn't entirely real on RHONJ.
Radar Online reports that Teresa is regularly "fed" lines on the show from producers. A source revealed, "Teresa is so fake! She is constantly asking producers what they want her to say. She gets fed lines, she's always trying to figure out how they’re going to spin things so she says to them, 'Tell me what you want me to say' ... Teresa wants to control how people perceive her so she tailors her comments to whatever she is told to say and it makes the other women on the show think that she is being fake all the time."

The Giudices are serious about sausage.
They made a year's supply in the most recent season of RHONJ. Teresa gushed, "We stuffed the casing and everything!"