See The Incredible Things 'CLASP' Is Doing For LGBT Refugees


The good people of Chicago have banded together to support the LGBT community.



Were you aware that there are 75 countries around the world in which LGBT men and women can be legally persecuted for their sexual orientation? Well, you are now. Every day, people are fleeing countries like Russia and Nigeria, where it is punishable by law to be openly gay.

But folks in Chicago are coming together to offer safety and aid to those seeking freedom in the United States. That's why Chicago pastors and former LGBT refugees have banded together to formed a group called CLASP (Chicago LGBT Asylum Support Program), which is leading the charge to support men and women leaving their homelands to file for asylum in the U.S. CLASP members also provide food, clothing and housing wherever possible; Some are opening up their homes as shelters for newcomers who are trying to get on their feet while they endure legal processes — like John Adewoye, who sought asylum after coming to the US in 1999. Adewoye takes in fellow LGBT refugees and provides them with a safe place to build a new life. It is an act of love, uniting the good people of Chicago with a common cause.