Move Over, Channing. Zac Efron Would Be The Perfect Magic Mike


How could you resist that face? (Hint: It's impossible.)


In a move that sparked the battlecry of women everywhere, there are rumors going around that Channing Tatum denied Zac Efron a role in the Magic Mike sequel. Apparently, having one more addition to the already beautiful (and fit) cast would be too much for our ovaries to handle. Alas, Tatum politely but firmly rejected the idea of casting Efron even though there is talk that Matthew McConaughey will not be returning. Let's be real. He totally fits the critera in more ways than one and he's got the chiseled pecks (and killer smile) to prove it. The end.

There's plenty of room on the big screen for the both of you. I say we make it a twofer and really up the ante. Even Seth Rogen (who has a total man crush thing going on) agreed that Efron is pretty darn sexy, stating in his interview with Conan O'brien that "We had to keep writing into the scene that I like touched his body because I would just look at it and want to just reach out and touch it, as though it was a mirage of some sort." Like come on, do you really need any other reason to pick him? But if you're still not buying it, two immediately come to mind.

For starters, we already know that Zac has the dance skills to pay the bills I mean, check out his moves:
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But then again, can you imagine what the movie posters would look like? Maybe Channing Tatum has a point — that would be way too much sexiness for us to handle in one sitting.
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I mean, c'mon...
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