Revealed: What Did Juan Pablo Whisper To Clare In The Helicopter?

Juan Pablo Galavis

Find out what Juan Pablo Galavis really told Clare Crawley in their helicopter ride!

Clare Crawley may be the real winner of this season's The Bachelor, because Juan Pablo Galavis proves time and time again just what an ass he is. In fact, she was glad she didn't get the final rose after a gross remark he made to her in their helicopter ride.

Crawley won't even talk about the incident herself because it's so vulgar and rude. "I'm shocked," Crawley said later. "He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear. That he doesn't know me and some sexual thing I don't want to repeat. It was insulting and it was offensive."

So what was the whisper heard 'round the world?

According to Us Weekly, Galavis told Crawley, "'I love f---ing you but I don't know you.'"

Uh, what?

We don't blame Crawley for telling Galavis that she doesn't want her kids to have a father like him (and really, Godspeed to his daughter).

Maybe if Galavis weren't so self-absorbed and actually asked his contestants questions about their own lives, he'd have known her a little better. Good luck, Nikki Ferrell — because it sounds like the final rose is mostly made of thorns.