Miley Cyrus Goes Nude For 'W'! See The Photo!


What's that? You're not sick of seeing Miley Cyrus naked yet? Then see the latest photo here!

Miley Cyrus' naked body is getting pretty played out, but in case you're one of both people not sick of seeing her nude, congrats! The "Adore You" songstress and exemplary try-hard is naked on the cover of magazine.

In the shot, Miley Cyrus wears little more than jewelry and a wig, covering her wrists with silver bracelets, her fingers in silver rings and her short-shorn 'do with shoulder-length, yellow-blonde waves.

Also missing aside from her clothes? Eyebrows. Combined with her heavy-lidded stare and enough Photoshop to render her nearly inhuman, she looks like she could be in an '80s new-wave band ... or a hospital bed.

Cyrus can, and has, looked a lot better than this. On the bright side, this particular brand of nudity is slightly more tasteful than the in-your-face kind she's infamous for — and thus already infinitely more sexy than when she actively tries. But hey, at least she's getting attention, right?