Scorching! Top 10 Hottest Women Of The 2014 Winter Olympics

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OMG Sochi!

Meet the hottest women of the cold sports. These ladies are talented, more athletic than you or I could ever hope to be, and oh so sexy. And they are here for your enjoyment.

1. Dominique Maltais
Age: 33
Nationality: Canadian
Sport: Snowboarding
Love life: Though she is currently single, she jokingly said that the famous person she’d like to date would be Justin Bieber (we’re thinking this was pre-arrest Bieber).


2. Gracie Gold
Age: 18
Nationality: American
Sport: Figure Skating
Love life: Gold is currently dating fellow figure skater Max Aaron, a national champion in his own right.


3. Gretchen Bleiler
Age: 32
Nationality: American
Sport: Snowboarding
Love life: Bleiler has been married to hubby Chris Hotell since 2009.


4. Sarah Hendrickson
Age: 19
Nationality: American
Sport: Ski jumping
Love life: This gorgeous, multi-medal winner was last known to be with fellow ski jumper Tom Hilde of Norway.


5. Hilary Knight
Age: 24
Nationality: American
Sport: Ice Hockey
Love life: Surprisingly, this talented lady, who has been racing up awards and honors for years, is single. Go figure!


6. Brita Sigourney
Age: 24
Nationality: American
Sport: Freestyle skiing
Love life: As of January, 2013, Sigourney was keeping company with another American skier, Joss Christensen.


7.  Julia Mancuso
Age: 29
Nationality: American
Sport: Alpine ski racing
Love life: Though Mancuso dated champion apline ski racer Aksel Lund Svindal for four years, the couple decided to call it quits.


8. Monique Lamoureux-Kolls (pictured here with twin sister and fellow athlete Jocelyn Lamoureux)
Age: 24
Nationality: American
Sport: Ice hockey
Love life: This hockey forward married Lance Corporal Taylor Kolls in 2010 (he’s apparently her biggest fan!).


9. Aja Evans
Age: 25
Nationality: American
Sport: Bobsledding
Love life: Here’s another surprise for you; this stunning bobsledder appears to be single!


10. Meryl Davis
Age: 27
Nationality: American
Sport: Ice dancing
Love life: Word on the Olympic grapevine is that this champ is dating another American skater, Jeremy Abbott.