Katy Perry: 'I Prayed For A Big Chest'

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Katy gets (very) candid in a recent interview with GQ Magazine.

It looks like Michelle isn't the only woman Barack Obama has to be thankful for. According to musician Katy Perry, during the President's re-election, she prayed hard enough to tilt Midwestern swing state Wisconsin in the democrat's favor.

Katy, a celebrity known for her on-stage cupcake bras and other eccentricities, says her curvy figure is also the result of divine intervention. At just 11-years-old, Katy claims to have prayed for boobs "so big she couldn't see her feet" and voila! her signature bosom was born. Hey, at least she doesn't believe in aliens ... or does she?

Read it over at Fox News Entertainment: Katy Perry: I Prayed For A Big Chest, Won Wisconsin For Obama


This article was originally published at Fox News Entertainment. Reprinted with permission from the author.