Forget The Stigma: Can A Casual Fling Turn Into Something More?

couple upset in bed.
Love, Sex

Can a one-night stand lead to something more tangible?

The stigma ascribed to people (namely women), who have casual sex on the first date often mirrors that of murderers, drug dealers, and pedophiles. Why? Well, society has this pesky little rule about having sex prematurely when prospecting potential long-term partners. Unjustly, parallels are indirectly drawn between a person who elects to have sex on the first date to committers of violent crime, generally as a method of dissuading people from "killing any hope of establishing a long-term relationship. Relationships are susceptible to the very same pitfalls even when two people follow traditional or "ideal" trajectories. The reality is, no relationship will last without its fair share of struggle, which is also why it's so fascinating that less traditional methods of establishing a relationship are so frowned upon.

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