Nude Celebrities: See Miley Cyrus Strip Down ... Yup, Again

Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus is once more trying to shock you into watching her perform.

Miley Cyrus really wants you to watch her MTV Unplugged special. And to pay attention to her in general.

As a result, Cyrus is nearly nude in her promo for the appropriately stripped down musical set, set to air on January 29. But Cyrus isn't just topless — what she is wearing is intended to shochttps://www.yourtango.com/miley-cyrus-tattoosk you. But if you've paid attention to any pop culture since 2013, it probably won't work.

Cyrus wears star-shaped pasties, similar to the ones her pal, role model and one-time Halloween costume subject Nicki Minaj wears all the time. Next, she sports a short blond bob, evoking Marilyn Monroe — and it's actually pretty flattering on her face, much more so than her half-buzzed trademark.

But the damn near copyright infringement comes with a floppy black hat and prosthetic teeth. She rocks a show girl look with hillbilly teeth. Where'd she get the inspiration for that?

Try Lady Gaga, who's come under criticism herself for not always being the most original (see the endless "Born This Way" vs. "Express Yourself" comparisons). On the cover of her "Dope" single and for her appearance at the 2013 YouTube Awards, Gaga rocks a floppy black hat, similar to the one pictured, and hideous fake teeth — that actually were a cuff placed in her mouth.

If Miley Cyrus really wants to shock the world, seeing her nude or appropriating culture from other stars won't work. Looking classy and relying on her talent would be much more effective.

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