Winter Blues? How To Feel Hot During Those Cold Winter Months

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Just not feeling fabulous this season? Here are some tips to get your mojo back.

We all know that ringing in the new year also means the beginning of winter and with it, all those heavy, warm woolen clothes. Underneath the extra layers, scarves, coats and hats, it's hard to really feel attractive and sensual. If you're like me, you probably feel that your best feel-good outfits are better suited for warmer days. Let's face it: Heavy sweaters can be cute, but they're not exactly items that encourage feeling sensual. So what can you do to feel sexy and attractive during these winter months? Start from the bottom layer out! Read on to learn what that means and how you can feel hot... even in the coldest months.

Personal Grooming
They say beauty is skin deep... and that means making sure you take care of your most intimate layers (namely your body!) during these cold months. I know it's tempting to scrimp on the personal grooming on parts of the body that don't see any sun for a few months, but make sure you keep on top of this during the winter months. It's hard to feel sexy if you haven't shaved your legs (or other areas) in two weeks. I know I feel good and clean when I've shaved—and my husband appreciates not sleeping next to a porcupine. Make sure you follow it up with lots of lotion all over your body. Keep your skin moisturized and your partner won't be able to keep his hands off of you.

Wear Sexy Underwear
Listen up! Victoria's Secret holds their semi-annual sale every year right around New Year's. Everything is on mega sale, so there's no excuse not to stock up on some fun new finds. Go buy yourself some sexy panties, a hot bra, and some lingerie. If you feel sexy wearing them, you will exude that charisma even after you've packed on the outer layers. And, as a bonus, your man can have fun unwrapping you at the end of the day to find out what treasure you have in store for him!

Get Scent-ual
Pleasing scents and sexy smelling perfumes are a great way to help you feel sexy no matter how many layers you wear. I love spraying my clothes with a spritz or two, so that when I put them on I can bask in that heavenly scent! I also know that I'll continue to smell good through the day even when the cologne has warn off of my skin. Many companies sell their best scents in small rollers, which make them portable. You can keep one in your purse and rub some on in the office after you peel the layers back. Also, why not spritz that wool coat and delight in the fragrance as you walk through the city?

Get Made Up
Lastly, get yourself a great winter hair-do, get a popping lipstick that makes you feel hot when you wear it, and sport it at the office or even around the house. Remember, the key is to help you feel sexy. What you feel, you manifest—so if you have fun in experimenting with your appearance, it will show.

If you look in the mirror and you are pleased with what you see, you feel physically clean and pristine, you have on your sexy underwear, and you smell good, it's impossible not to take back some of the groove that got left behind this winter. These are easy, affordable ways to help you look and feel sexy even during those long, cold months. Try it out to see how you feel.

How do you feel sexy in the winter? Leave a comment below!