Lights, Camera, Skin! The Best & Worst Celebrity Nude Scenes

Buzz, Sex

Sharon Stone, Molly Ringwald and Uma Thurman bared it all, but they didn't all last in Hollywood.

As an actor, baring it all on-screen can be either the best or worst career move you can make.

For Sharon Stone, her performance in Basic Instinct proved to be the highlight of her career and led to another iconic role opposite Robert De Niro in Casino, three years later. For the baby-faced, sweetly-tempered Molly Ringwald, taking on darker role in the erotic thriller Malicious showed that she could ditch her "good girl" and helped her score a wider range of roles thereafter.

Meanwhile, showing skin didn't work wonders for Saved By The Bell sweetheart Elizabeth Berkley or Kill Bill's Uma Thurman who have both somewhat slipped out of the spotlight.

So what about other stars? Revisit these nude scenes: Celebrity Nude Scenes: Best & Worst 

This article was originally published at Fox News. Reprinted with permission.