Love Horoscope 2014: What's In Store For Your Sign?


Look forward to the new year!

Happy New Year! In light of all the resolutions we know you're going to keep—and of all the romantic adventures in your future—enjoy these love horoscopes for 2014, courtesy of Vedic astrologer (and friend of YourTango) Richelle Jarrell:

"Is this your year for love? The stars have an important role to play in how our lives unfold.  Sometimes no matter what we do, things never seem to work out in our love lives. At other times, everything seems magical.  Everything has a season, so if it's your time to feel the elation of love, celebrate! If you are feeling blocked and no matter what you do, things never seem to work out, take heart.  It may not be the right time, and you can use your single years wisely to grow inwardly as you prepare to share yourself more fully later on."

*Take note: In Vedic astrology, dates vary annually, which means the horoscopes you read below may not align with typical Western astrological signs (the ones you're probably most familiar with). The signs referred to are based on the calculations of Vedic Astrology, which differs from Western astrology by about 24 degrees.  The star positions are based on how astronomers see the sky, and not on the seasons.

Aries (April 14th - May 14th) – It may have been pretty tough lately for smooth sailing in your relationship, but the stars help you to either commit to or leave a relationship that you've been wondering about.  If you've been scared to leave, you will have the ability to take action.  If you need to re-bond together, this is a lovely time to take short vacations with the one you love so take that scenic drive for a fun outing together.

Taurus (May 15th - June 14th) – Time to grab your dancing shoes and go out to meet someone new.  This can be one of the best times in your relationship so make the most of your time together. Count your blessings and enjoy the intensity of your love. 

Gemini (June 15th - July 16th) – Watch for tempers and try to not let irritations get the best of you.  Communicate clearly what you feel and focus your energy on improvements you've been wanting to make to your home or vehicle.  The starts encourage your growth and expansion and support you to open your heart to a new level of insight and romance.

Cancer (July 17th - August 16th) – Mid-year Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will be blessing your romantic life as he enters your sign. You can also find yourself expanding spiritually as you feel the effects settle in to your psyche.  Take advantage of the opportunity to grow as the stars combine to help you reach your goals by giving you greater courage.  Be fearless in tackling your relationship issues that have been weighing you down but remember to use your heart not your head.

Leo (August 17th - September 16th) – Watch for harsh speech as the stars prompt irritation and impatience.  Use this as an opportunity to learn more about how you need to express yourself early on when conflict arises and make the most of your communication efforts.  You will gain extra support from friends so don't forget that your significant other is your best friend too.  Keep your love life nurtured by making an extra effort to use sweet speech with your partner.

Virgo (September 17th - October 16th) – This is a good year to tackle any bad habits you are hoping to remove from your life so make the most of your decision to improve your health – this will give you the extra boost you need to show up with the best of yourself in your relationships.  The stars are making you feel a bit restless so channel your energy into plenty of exercise so that you don't take your frustrations out on those whom you love. 

Libra (October 17th - November 15th) – Saturn is in your sign until the end of the year so this can be intense.  Take steps to connect with your inner self more fully so that you truly know yourself.  This will help you to chose the right partnership when it comes along.  For those of you in a happy relationship, this can be when you get married or formalize your commitment – congratulations!

Scorpio (November 16th - December 15th) – Your partner will be by your side giving you encouragement as you gain an influx of energy to tackle your dreams and goals.  Be sure to keep them included in your process so that they don't feel left behind as you focus on other areas demanding your attention.  Try not to let the irritations of friends get in the way of your success.  If you are not currently in a relationship, this can be a trying time for finding that dream partner so keep working on self-improvement and make the most of your single time.

Sagittarius (December 16th - January 14th) – The stars are shining on you so if you're single go out and meet new people.  This is the time to connect with new partners and make romantic connections.  If married you will find that your partner is feeling supported and uplifted – share in their positive energy and deepen your relationship.  Celebrate the happiness you can share together now.

Capricorn (January 15th - February 13th) – You may be feeling that work is requiring more of your focus so be sure to remember your partner as you keep up with demands.  You may be cultivating a new relationship with a mentor or teacher, so this can be a good time for personal and spiritual growth.  Any expansion you make internally will help you blossom in your love life too.

Aquarius (February 14th - March 14th) – Romance can be in the air for you so enjoy the feeling of togetherness.  Take a vacation together since this is an excellent time for travel.  You may find that exposing yourself to another culture helps you to grow together to a new level.

Pisces (March 15th - April 13th) – This is a great time to upgrade your love nest together so take the time to beautify your surroundings.  Explore Feng Shui, the art of placement, for helping to improve the energy of your home – especially your kitchen and bedroom.  Be sure to ask for the support that you need from your partner and guard against petty arguments.   If single, don't get trapped in over-investing in someone and avoid getting involved in a relationship too quickly.  Take your time in getting to know someone new no matter how amazing they seem at first. Good discernment will go a long way here.

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Richelle Jarrell has taught Reiki since 1996, and she utilizes the wisdom sciences of Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda and Yoga philosophy.  Her work goes in-depth with sign compatibility and other astrological factors essential for vibrant relationships, including how your Ayurvedic body type impacts your relationships and your health.